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Inspirational Video Blasts

Need a virtual pick-me-up for students? Or for yourself? This week’s post features 16 of the most motivational videos available on YouTube. Use them as blasts of motivation for you and your students. Meanwhile, keep on keepin’ on!Your Words and Thoughts have Physical Power – Will Smith Olympic Highlights 2012 – Music: by Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder. Humans […]

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Your Principal Scores Your Teaching as “Developing”: How to Get Up Off the Mat

It’s a nightmare. After observing your third period, the school principal marked two elements of your instruction as developing.  You try to apply growth mindset to the situation: “I’ll dig in and improve through sheer effort.” You try to re-center your emotions with braggadocio: “King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on me!” You go hyperbolic about relying more on student […]

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Preventing New Teacher Burnout

A local doctor recently asked, “You know what two professions I prescribe the most anti-anxiety medication for? Cops and teachers.” This is not surprising, as rookie instructors possess energy and fear–two qualities that can lead to anxiety and burnout when struggling with what is arguably “the single most stressful job there is.” So how can school administrators unburden new […]

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