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How to Facilitate Student-Centered Instruction

23 Ways to Facilitate Student-Centered Instruction1. SUPPORTS METACOGNITION Learner-centered instruction helps students think about their teaching during learning events. 2. WHAT DO THEY LIKE? Interests and affinities are assessed through inventories and pre-testing 3. STUDENTS MAKE DECISIONS Kids have a say in what, when, and how they learn. 4. PROVIDE STRUCTURE WHEN NEEDED Some students need more support and direction. 5. GAMIFY IT Activate […]

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Tentpole Teaching

In 2005, I remember telling a student that I was working on a ten-year plan. That is, I hoped to be a significantly different and better teacher in ten years. And I think I am, mostly because of tentpole teaching–where I try out a major new way of teaching each semester.  If a big idea […]

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Talking Engagement with Edspiration

This week, I was interviewed on John Linney’s Edspiration podcast about a post that he read on this blog Everything Your Brain Needs to Know about How to Engage Students. Here are the highlights from that 30-minute interview. 1. What is a favorite quote that inspires you? Why?I customized one of those tacky silicone wristbands with […]

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