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Feedback Strategies for Those Who Work with Teachers

Insight ADVANCE, the company behind the observation and coaching platform used in schools and teacher preparation programs, invited me to develop an ebook that explores research, tools, principles, and best practices for providing inservice teachers feedback on their instructional performance. You can find Feedback Strategies for Coaches and Administrators here. The following companion piece presents some […]

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QuizFizz: 20 Ways to Make Low-Stakes Assessments Delightful (And Useful)

In 1998 and again in 2006, I tried to give students low-stakes quizzes every time class met, but was unsuccessful. The level of stress these assessments brought about in students negatively impacted the remaining class time; fear and stress impair executive brain functioning. Also, scoring these quizzes was monotonous and swallowed my home-time like a black […]

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