Brain Blast: 6 Different Seating Configurations

The following Brain Blast is based on a book that I wrote with Blake Wiggs: Rethinking Classroom Design: Create Student-Centered Design for 6-12th graders (Rowan & Littlefield). One of the delights of teaching is changing up some of your routines, just for the sake of novelty. Watch what happens when students enter your class and see an entirely new desk arrangements. 

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My recommended product of the week is inspired by elementary teachers who are wearing "teaching aprons" to hold pens, mini-staplers, hand sanitizer, hole punches, laser pointers, hall passes, stickers, checklists, sticky-notes, etc. This black 3-pocket apron (2 for $8.99) will also hold Super Blow Pops. Stay classy, America. 

Todd Finley

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